The Property Auction Masterclass - Module 9

Module 9.1 - Introduction to the Auction Day

Module 9.2 - The Auction!

Module 9.3 - Post Auction Summary



Module 9 - On Location at the Auction

In this module, your will learn about:

9.1: Introduction to the auction day

- The process of registering to bid
- How to pay the deposit
- A tour of the auction room and thoughts on where to sit
- A word on Bid Strategies from the auctioneer
- How to bid if you can't attend the auction itself
- How to bid well

9.2: The Auction!

- Watch the auction itself with commentary from Martin

9.3: Post auction summary

- Don't buy on the rebound!
- Attend auctions as practise


To extend you learning, practice the worksheet available as a download here