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Free Property Preview Webinar

The UK property market will not stop for any pandemic due to the fact people will always need somewhere to live. We live on an island with a limited supply of homes and since the re-opening of estate agents post the spring / summer lockdown there has been a surge in activity with new highs for both transactions levels and values being reached. There’s lots of talk around how the market may perform, what the lifting of the ban on evictions will mean, changes to planning regulations and much more. It may seem to be an uncertain time and its easy to feel daunted by this fast changing landscape.

Free Property Webinar Overview

The free introductory webinar offers a one hour information packed experience, covering 7 secrets on how to achieve big profits and safeguarding your future;

  • Buy-to-let, social housing, HMO, Airbnb and more
  • Investing remotely, even if you’re self-isolating
  • Creative ways to finance properties
  • Improving your credit rating
  • Marketing, negotiation & spotting the best deals
  • Creating a power team
  • Mastering the mindset to achieve
  • Complimentary Ebook Book Gift for every attendee

Please note: Martin Roberts will not personally attend the preview events.

With nearly 20 years visiting auction properties and many more investing and renovating personally, Martin has amassed a great wealth of information about property investing. This knowledge is now condensed into one easy to read, handy guide.