Martin’s Learning Library

The learning library pages offer a free and invaluable resource of property related information. It includes articles covering all areas of property investing, developing and renovating, including hints and tips to stop you making expensive mistakes.

Being a Landlord

Being A Landlord

Whether you are an ‘accidental’ landlord or someone who has set out to acquire rental property, there are plenty of articles here to help you.

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Buyer Beware

Look here to find articles that highlight some of the pitfalls with buying property that not everyone is aware of.

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Renovation & Building

For all those DIYers and property renovators, a section all about building, renovating and refurbishing.

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Adding Value To Properties

What can add value and what will actually de-value a property. Martin shares some thoughts on what you can do to increase the value of properties here.

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Legal Stuff

This site is about giving general information and Martin isn’t qualified to give legal advise, but here are some articles that highlight the kinds of things you might need to be aware of.

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Martins Top Tips

Tips from Martin himself. Everything from what to do to find the right properties to his top tips for dealing with contractors, check out these articles here.

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Money Saving Ideas

One of the most common mistakes people make when they start out in property is overspending on a budget. Here are some useful ideas for how to save money in your property activities.

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Property Auctions

Martin has visited more auction properties than he’s had hot dinners and has amassed a wealth of information about buying at auction. Here he shares an insight into this exciting world.

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Study At Home: Property Auction Masterclass

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I have now launched the ‘Property Auction Masterclass’ Home Study Property Auction Course, designed to provide both complete newcomers and seasoned property investors with everything they need to know about finding and buying property at auction. The course includes all the following and much more!

  • Tried and tested auction tactics that work, day in and day out, for the auction experts

  • My top auction tips you never see on TV plus the 10 common mistakes people make when buying property at auction.

  • Why 99% of amateurs get property auctions hopelessly wrong and what to do about it

  • The top 10 things to research before you enter the auction room

  • How to understand the legal pack and to see through the auctioneers’ tactics.

  • The types of property available at auction, which to buy and which to steer clear of

  • The types of property available at auction, which to buy and which to steer clear of

  • How to raise money for auction properties.

  • My top bidding strategy tips

  • What to do after the hammer falls – if you have the winning bid or if the reserve hasn’t been met.

  • How to spot major defects in a property and how to cost effectively overcome them.

  • Selling your own property at auction – 6 reasons why you should and 4 reasons why you shouldn’t

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