Refurbishing Bathrooms

I remember my grandparent’s ‘bathroom’ was a tin bath in front of the fire and an outdoor loo that used to freeze your bit’s off!  A far cry from today’s modern bathrooms, which are so sophisticated that doing the morning ablutions, becomes quite an experience.

What’s more, is that second to kitchens, bathrooms are those rooms in a house that can either put off a potential buyer or add more value to your home. So, if you still wake up to the avocado bathroom suite with its mouldy tiles, wobbly loo seat and grimy bath, take note of what the most on trend bathrooms offer.

Martin’s Top 10 Tips for Refurbishing Bathrooms

  • Eco Friendly Materials

    As with everything else these days, the latest trends in bathroom design use environmentally friendly products. Using natural materials such as wood and glass will put your bathroom into current fashion.

    • Consider tiles made of reclaimed glass. It’s completely water resistant so a great choice for walls, floors and countertops.
    • Bamboo or cork flooring (you’ll need to use a sealant with cork) are both eco-friendly and look great. Both are good in damp conditions too.
    • Buy bathroom cabinets that come from a sustainable source such as wood, bamboo or wheatboard.
  • Conserving Water

    People use (and waste) more water in the bathroom than in any other room, so being conscious of water here will have a big effect on your household usage.

    1. Fit Dual-flush toilets. Old loos can use up to 12 litres of water in a single flush. Have a dual flush (one flush for water waste and another longer one for solids). You’ll only use as much as you need.
    2. Install a low flow showerhead or consider an Air Shower. This device can be attached to your existing showerhead and pumps each water droplet full of air making it bigger.
  • Connecting with Nature

    The bathroom is the place inside the home where we all feel like we connect with nature a bit more. Probably something to do with all that nakedness! To really tune in with nature, modern bathrooms offer large windows, lots of natural light, stone and wooden bathtubs.

  • Future Proof

    If you’re likely to sell your house soon, consider making your bathroom accessible to all ages. Large walk-in showers or wet rooms are great for young and old alike as well as those with restricted mobility. You might even consider fitting a low sink for little ones.

  • Bubble Bath

    Whilst showers are very popular and more water conscious, people do still love a bath to wallow in. Corner baths are great for sharing but if space is restricted, go for a deep tub. Bubble away in a Whirlpool bath – some have coloured light emitted through the jets.

  • Lush it Up

    Give your shower the wow factor with a hydro massager and directional jets – just don’t stay there too long or you’ll be wasting water. Get smart motion sensor taps that turn the water on when your hands are ready and automatically cut off after a few seconds. Even more fashionable are ‘basin spouts’ which deliver water through an open tap like a waterfall.

  • Light Up Well

    Good bathrooms have great lighting that’s targeted to help do your make up or shave but can be subtle enough for you to unwind in the bath. Have a mixture – Wall lights on either side of a mirror will cast an even light across your face, a ceiling light to provide crisp ambient lighting and say, under cabinet lighting to create a more subdued mood.

  • Loose the Naff Loo

    There are plenty of styles of WC to choose from including some designs that have the cistern concealed in the wall. Consider a soft close seat or even a family toilet seat which has a childs size seat resting on top of an adults one so you can pick which size to use.

  • Functional Accessories

    Go for mirrors that are Fog Free ones – some combine movement sensors too so lights come on when a hand is waved in front. Fit heated towel rails that look elegant and overcome the soggy feeling of damp towels lying around.

  • Heat & Ventilate well

    Make bath time more of spa experience with underfloor heating or otherwise make sure the room stays warm with a separate heat source. Have a window that can be opened or a decent extractor fan to prevent condensation building up.

Martin’s Quick Tip
Lots of people do away with baths all together and just go for a large shower instead. If space is tight, then this is a good solution but if you’re like me there’s nothing quite like a long soak after a hard day so I favour keeping a bath.